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  Prayer for The New Year, Janurary 2017

Dear Lord Jesus our Heavenly father,

This past year has been a blessing to us all.
We are thankfull for the many blessings you bestow upon
us everyday! We ask that you keep your children safe in a world that seems to run amuck on a daily basis!
We ask that you fill the food baskets of those who do not get
bread everyday! We ask that you bring our men and women home from the many wars and police actions in the world. We ask, Lord, that you guide our governments and its many leaders in a way that is right with your people!
We ask that you watch over all of us and bring us into the light and blessings promised by your teachings.
We thank you for your enlightenment and yearn for your kingdom!

In Jesus, our lord and Savior, we pray!


Shelter Cove, in the Lost Coast of Northern California!
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