We met Vern almost 15 years ago when we first came to the Cove for construction work. We only knew him through other people and by reputation. It was all good! We moved back to the Cove about 3 years ago and Vern hired me to build his commercial building on Upper Pacific Drive here in the Cove! He gave me a chance that I had not had, in the Cove, before and during the entire experience Vern has worked with me to finish the project. I know Vern, now, as a personal friend and I can tell you for sure, he is a good man! He is a hard worker and believes in family virtues, values, morals and above all in his faith. I have seen many things change in his life over the past year but his foundation remains true! Vern is a rare commodity in todays world! This guy will do what is right for you!! Give him a call!

Kip, Anne, Kyle and Daniel Murchison, KDM Construction in Shelter Cove

We met Vern about a year ago and not only did we find him to be the most knowledgable real estate agent in the Cove but he is no doubt the friendliest and most honest real estate agent we have ever met!! He knows "how to live" in the Cove". He says he knows the Cove and he does!! Vern has made us feel like we are prepared to live our dream in Shelter Cove! Vern is an invaluable friend and a real asset to the community! Give him a call..... you'll be doing yourself a favor!!

Matt & Delisa Shimon, Shelter Cove Home Owner

I have known Vern since he opened the office with his Brother Rick back in the 80's. They have always gone out of their way to help me with all my Real Estate needs. Even when I need a fax of a copy of something, Vern, always makes time for me and does it for free. Its nice to know not everyone is motivated by greed in todays Business climate and Vern is a great guy. Give him a call, I think you'll like his style.

Duane Oxley, Shelter Cove Home Owner

We have had the honor of dealing with The Bonham Family for MANY years! Vern's Father sold us our first property in the Whitethorn Valley back in 1970. We have become family and grown old together in Shelter Cove! Unfortunately this past year we had to leave our wonderful home in Shelter Cove and move away for health reasons. We listed our home with Vern and they sold it within #3 months for our price. Vern Bonham is a real ambassador of the Cove! He is as much a part of Shelter Cove as the Ocean and the Beaches! IF, you are looking for property or a home in Shelter Cove then give him a call first! There is no other Real Estate person I would use in the Cove! Good Honest man who will treat you right!!

William & Hermina Wedel, Shelter Cove, California


Thank you for the outstanding job you did for me in marketing and selling my property in the Cove! I know in the current sales market that selling anything out there is difficult but I believe in you. I have dealt with many real estate people in the Cove and Southern Humboldt County and you shine far above the rest I have dealt with!

Bernie Korbly, Miranda. California

I Thank God I bumped into Vern when I did! Vern is a wealth of honest information regarding Shelter Cove. I wouldn't think of looking or purchasing anything there without his assistance! He always goes well beyond what you have to do as a realtor no matter what I have requested he does it. When I got nervous he was always very patient with me! This is my #3 dealing with Vern over the years and he continues to be my representative in Shelter Cove.

All my Blessings!

Sally Barton
Sacramento, California.

Dear Vern,

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated doing business with you. You were very professional and prompt in handling all the concerns and needs we had in purchasing our new home in the Cove. Everything went so smoothly, like clock work, thanks to you both!!
We are so thankful for the friendship we share!

Keith & Liz Powers, Shelter Cove. California

Thank God for Vern, you saved me in the hugest way possible and I just wanted to thank you once again. You, along with everyone else that day, were a complete saints. You absolutely restored my faith in humanity. I can't thank you enough for driving my friends Eddie and Dominik up to Mattole to pick up their cars.
You are one of the nicest people I have ever met and I just wanted to let you know how much me and my friends appreciated your help.
Just so you know, after you left we ran into some people that we had run across earlier that day and they were happy that we had gotten help. Me and Nadav talked with them a while and told them the whole story and they were
super nice as well. In fact, after we talked, they went down to the beach and then went home to get some pizza and go to bed. After they left they showed up 30 minutes later and gave me and Nadav a half a pizza. It was absolutely surreal! After meeting you and then having these perfect strangers bring us food out of the goodness of their hearts, I was absolutely blown away by how nice people can truely be. In some wierd way, forgetting to pack my keys was a Godsend because without this adventure I wouldn't have met you or any of the other people. It was an absolutely amazing experience.

So once again, I just want to thank you.

Thank you Vern. You're one of the most awesome people I've ever met and I plan on telling everyone one I know about Shelter Cove and if they have any interest in buying a vacation home, to come to Shelter Cove Realty and see you.

Rich Menken, Bay Area, Calif.

Good People!! Vern hasen't sold us a thing. We intend to purchase in the Cove but for the past several years we've been too busy! So we go out to dinner and enjoy each others company!
They have gone out of their way to make us feel comfortable in the Cove and you can bet your boots when we do buy in the Cove it will be from Vern at Shelter Cove Realty! Good, Honest, Salt of the Earth guy!

Jim and Cindy Cazort, Lodi. Calif

We purchased our first home here in beautiful Shelter Cove and being first time home buyers, we did not know a lot about the process of purchasing a home in Shelter Cove! Vern was very knowledgeable and made the purchase of our home in the Cove so pleasant!! He assisted us in each and every step throughout our purchase. He made us feel very comfortable. The information He gave us made us feel like we belonged in the Cove. He is a very special person!

Jeff & Amanda Greene, Los Angeles, California

I have known Vern since we were kids. Our fathers worked together in the California Department of Forestry. Vern has always done right by me. I value his Friendship and his professional opinion in Real Estate. When I purchased a home in Redding Vern came all the way over to make sure I wasn't making any mistakes. His Professional opinion and expertise saved me a lot of money and time!!
You won't go wrong with Vern! He cares!

Mike and Vicky Estrada, Redding. Calif.

Vern has been part of the Family since we first met back in the 60's. We have spent a lot of time together over the years and there is no one better qualified to assist you with property in Shelter Cove than, "The Big Hoss", Vern at Shelter Cove Realty. He's honest and cares about
you and your investment. He's knows more about Shelter Cove than most people could learn in a lifetime BUT it doesn't stop there!! He also knows about the entire Southern Humboldt area and the lifestyle!! So if you are looking for a guy who cares, who is honest and God fearing......... He's your man!

Tim and Angela Wedel, The Greater Los Angeles Basin

Thank God for Vern! His knowledge of the Cove trancends all others in Shelter Cove! We are thankful for his assistance in all of our purchases of property in the Cove. Vern is a valued friends. He is the only real estate person we will ever deal with in Shelter Cove!

Curtis & Joan Fosberg, Orland. California

I met Vern through a mutual friend and he has assisted me in Purchasing #4 lots and a home here in the Cove. He isn't just a real estate agent! Vern knows the community! He knows the inner workings of the County and has the ability to do a lot more than sell property. I am a contractor and have already benefited from work that Vern have referred to me!! Real Estate agent by job title but Vern is a real emissary of the Shelter Cove community!! You want to know this guy! He is the real deal in Shelter Cove!!

Wes Vigos, Sacramento, California

Thank you Vern for your help in purchasing our property. Your work was professional, honest, and timely. You made what could have been a very convoluted process absolutely effortless. We would, and have, recommended you very highly to friends and acquaintances interested in the Cove. Your knowledge and expertise has made you a valuable assest to us and we look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again!

Chris & Shaelyn Strattan, Mountain Ranch, Calif.

Vern has always been there for me! Anytime I have needed anything real estate oriented he he would go out of his way to help me! From Faxes to Estimates of Value on property. I have always gotten first class treatment from him!! He is a great friend!

Diane Cistaro, Shelter Cove. Calif.

I have known Vern since high school. Vern is the only real estate agent I would have deal with my Real Estate in Shelter Cove! He is, bar none, the best agent in the Cove!

Bill and Sue Ivy, Miranda, California

Thanks is not enough to indicate how much we appreciate Vern Bonham of Shelter Cove Realty. Not only does he do his job servicing our properties in Shelter Cove but he is always assisting us with that personal touch that sets him apart as ordinary Real Estate Agent. He is truely Salt of the earth!! Thanks for being there for us Vern!

Pete and Valery Wells, Vina, California

I am living in Belgium and not knowing anyone I can trust to help me sell my property in Shelter Cove. After many attempts to contact someone to help me I was surprised that many local business people kept bringing up Vern at Shelter Cove Realty. I now know why! I have never met Vernin person but He is the greatest!
He helped me to sell my land at a fair price! He was honest to me and helped me to transfer my property without me coming to the states. God Bless you!

Diane Verbist, Belgium, Europe

When I came to the Cove from Lake Tahoe I didn't have a lot of money but wanted to buy something in the Cove. I talked to all the agents and offices in the Cove and the only person who would help me was Vern. I have bought #3 parcels through Vern and am now getting ready to build a home here! I couldn't have done it without Vern's help! He has been really good to me!

Gordon Geiger, Shelter Cove, California

I am a licensed Real Estate Agent. I came to the Cove Several years ago and didn't have the opportunity to meet with Vern. I wish I had. We met another agent and ended up buying a lot , It turned out to be something different than we thought we had bought. We were unhappy!! We met Vern at this point. He made us feel good about what we had and he ended up selling it for us! We bought a couple other lots and Vern has gone out of his way to make sure we are happy!
thanks for going the extra mile Vern!

Dave and Kelly Stornetta, Mendocino Coast

Vern helped us to find our first home in the Cove and also helped us finance it through the owner! I am now a loan officer with American Home loans in Garberville and I wouldn't think of using anyone but Vern for my Real Estate Transactions! He is a knowledgeable and honest Real Estate Person!

Cassidy and Ivy Etter, Shelter Cove, California

We met Vern many years ago when we purchased a home on Lower Pacific Drive in the Cove.
We have since sold the home BUT Vern managed the property for us for years and we always felt he did the best he could to make sure the home was taken care of and left in good condition!
Vern did the bookings for us always went the extra mile to make sure the paperwork was taken care of! He is a good honest person!

Robert and Sharon Driver, Modesto, California

Vern took care of us! He sold my house in the Cove for what I wanted and there was not a moment in time when He was not taking care of the gas company, The county inspectors or me! I was a wreck but Vern kept it together! He really did me right! Great person!

Steve and Tricia Wallace, Raleigh, North Carolina

Shelter Cove, in the Lost Coast of Northern California!
Why Dream a Dream when you can Live it! Let me help!!!

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